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Pilgrim Youth Camp

PYC 2024 Bible Bowl Questions

Please click on the link below to access the Bible Bowl questions for PYC 2024

PYC 2024 - Bible Bowl Questions

What to bring to PYC

Don't forget these!

1. Linens: sheets, pillows, blankets, washcloths, and towels.

2. Toiletries

3. Clothes: everyday clothes, dress clothes for evening services.

4. Jacket or sweater in case of cool or wet weather.

5. Bible and musical instruments.

6. Money: soft drinks, candy, fast food will be available on the grounds and at the snack stand.

PYC Camp Rules

All campers will be required to abide by the following rules while attending PYC. 

1. I will cooperate in the activities and display conduct in keeping with Christian character.

2. I will not leave the grounds without permission from the camp director.

3. I will dress appropriately. Jeans and slacks will not be permitted for girls; skirts should be sufficient length to cover the knees whether sitting or standing. No clothing should be form fitting or revealing. All shirts must have sleeves. "Shorts," culottes and cap sleeves are not acceptable. Full length pants for boys.

4. PYC requests that all electronic devices be left at home, including ear buds/pods but excluding cellular phones. Phones are not to be used for music, movies, or shows.

5. Couples will not be allowed to be alone on campus. Kissing, hugging, and holding hands are not permitted.

6. Campers are to be between the ages of 12-19 (must be 12 by the end of youth camp.)

7. No fireworks, books, or magazines.

Any failure on my part to comply with these rules is just cause for my dismissal from the camp grounds without a refund of the registration fee.

Directions to PYC

Pilgrim Youth Camp is held in Frankfort Indiana at "Frankfort Camp Ministries." The address is:

1058 West Freeman Street,
Frankfort, IN 46041

You can also find additional information concerning directions at the link below.

Directions to PYC

Future PYC Dates

Mark it down on your calendar!

PYC 2025 - June 16-20

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Pilgrim Youth Camp cost?
A: Pilgrim Youth Camp is $70 per person, however, you can get a discount by pre-registering. Those who pre-register are only charged $50. Please note, pre-registration is only open up until one week before PYC. Family rates are also available for families that have more than one teen coming. See the registration page for more details.

Q: How old do I have to be to come to PYC?
A: PYC is for teens age 12-19. As long as you are 12 years old by the end of PYC, or 19 when it starts, you are good to go!

Q: I'm not a camper, can I come visit PYC?
A: The evening services and afterglows are open to the public. However, all other events and activities are reserved for campers and staff only.

Q: I want to volunteer to help at PYC. Who do I get in contact with?
A: Reach out to our director, John Forsee, via his contact information on our contact page below.

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